Nothing could change those devastating thoughts in her mind.

She was afraid to come out of her zone, I doubt if it was a comfort zone.

She stared at wall, she observed the fan rotation while she listened clock ticking as if it was a warning.

She was surrounded by people but what she heard was the voice in her head.

Her heart was heavy with some baggage, pressure, failure, stress and all the possible negative energy!

Every passing day would bring her down, every passing moment would feel like a moment in an exam hall.

With every inhaling breath she would find reasons to pull herself up.

She knew her strength, she knew her weakness too.

She was aware about her “Vulnerable” moments, what she did not know was how to overcome them.

One fine day, she made a tight fist, threw everything away, pulled her hair, scratched all over cheeks, screamed and screamed till she broke into tears.


She opened her eyes in her bed, she found hard to wake up and sit, her body was shivering, tears rolling down cheeks, she felt her palms burning red.

Those wails seemed so real, but was that just a scary dream? This question and that “Dream” haunted enough to not to let her sleep again.

She knew, opening up about it would make her look weak, which she was not.

She did not need sympathy-empathy, she did not ask anyone to understand, she did not seek for a hand to hold her, she did not wish for a shoulder.

She was wishing to be herself with a million dollar smile on her face.

For that, she had to put herself as top priority, she had to come out of the closet and live the life she deserved!

Well, she did!

She did everything to rise once again! She stood up and believed in her dreams and in her actions! She used challenges to be strong and to get closer to her dream!

Support, empathy, hand and shoulder meant nothing until she became strong!

All she had to do was to believe in herself!

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  1. Krishna

    ? Nice

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    Wow awsome da……it s the time to inspire to all keep going neeli ?? all the best for u r brightest future????

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    Too good and motivational ??keep writing and all the best ☺☺

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    Very touchable writing Prajakta
    Keep it up

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    Very touchable writing keep it up.

  6. Arvind Dhakane

    Keep it up Prajakta

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    Inspiring and heart touching.

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