Various Names, One Emotion!

Various Names, One Emotion!

Amma, aai, mom, Mumma, mummy so many words but only one meaning “GOD.”

Comparing her with god won’t be an exaggeration. A dad feels the responsibility once the child holds his finger but the feeling of being mother starts when she gets pregnant. She carries a life inside her for nine months. That’s the time she starts protecting her child. A mother is an eye for a child growing inside her. As soon as she gets the news, there is a beginning of her new life. She starts preparing for the child’s life. She doesn’t want anything but the child to be safe and happy. Doesn’t matter how many hard situations she has to go her first priority is always her child. For every mother her every child is same doesn’t matter if the child is “HE” or “SHE”.

They say no pain is worse than a heartbreak. Let me remind you something, a human body can bear the pain of 45 dels of pain but a mother bears the pain of 57 dels of pain which is equal to breaking of 20 bones at a time. That’s not the only pain she has to carry, but that’s the beginning of every new thing of her life. Though the birth of a child is the happiest thing in her life she makes herself prepared for the next sacrifices. If the child does something wrong the blame is on mother. If a child fails in something mother shares 50% of the failure. Tears in her child’s eyes are the biggest pain for her more than breaking of 20 bones. As the child grows the child stops showing how much she means in child’s life. But she doesn’t complain at all. Because she understands her child. She knows one day the bird has to leave the nest. She takes care of the wing. She makes sure that the bird has strong enough wings to fly at higher altitude. If the child gets weak she is always there to support.

Doesn’t matter if the mother is working woman, single mother or a housewife her best friend is no one else but her child. She shares a single moment of her happiness with her child. She avoids sharing her pain at the same she always gives the realization about the real-life situation to her child to make life better. A solution to every pain is mother, multiplication factor of every happiness is a mother. For every mother seeing her child in the topmost position of life is the proudest moment. A mother is a mother, she doesn’t have partiality factor in her. Even if the child isn’t her own she always has the soft corner for the children around her. She is the best gift anyone can ever get.

I have a humble request for every reader please pass on this message to every person possible. If a mother can bear pain equal to 20 breaking bones at a time, if she can risk her life for yours then why can’t we face the problem with her support? No pain of our problems is near to her pain. She almost dies while giving birth to her child. Any child in the world doesn’t have right to end his or her life. You have a mother you are lucky. There are people who are deprived of mother’s touch. Nothing is kind than a mother’s heart. She sacrifices her dreams so that you can follow yours. She avoids all the expensive jewellery and designer clothes so that you can have a standard life. And even if you throw out her from her own house she doesn’t complain but prays to the god that you will lead happy and successful life.

A mother can see darkness in her child’s heart. She can see the pain in his eyes. Things which world can’t see or things which you can’t share, she has the vision to see them. She is nothing else but “THE GOD”. 26 alphabets can’t describe her. I know it is not fair to tell I love you mom and expressing feelings towards her only on one day. Some children can’t meet their moms every day. Many can’t spend time because of their busy schedule but mother’s day is an occasion to overcome all the spaces between child and a mother. So on the occasion of mother’s day, I want to tell every mom in the world that we all love you.


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Sudhir Jadhav

I have no words. I read your
mother day script. Unbelievable thoughts Nilima di, I salute you and your heart.
Thanking you for realized many peoples, who don’t care their parents.
Thank you Nilima di, well done ? keep it up!!