Tips to perform a monologue

What is a monologue? 

Monologue definition 

A monologue is represented in theatre as well as in literature. In literature, a monologue is represented in the form of poems and in theatre a monologue is a solitary act. In this article, you will learn about a monologue in the theatre. 

In a theatre monologue, an actor presents a single character, most often expressing his or her thoughts to the audience. 

Types of a monologue 

Though, the definition of a monologue is very simple, “speaking alone”, it has various types, depending upon the expressing ways of a monologuist. Following are the types of monologue:- 

Soliloquy:- The most famous example of soliloquy would be the dramas written by Shakespeare where a monologuist gives a speech to himself, assuming there is no one listening to him or her, where the audience will actually be present. In this type of monologue,  a monologuist vocalizes his inner thoughts out loud.  

Dramatic Monologue:- Unlike soliloquy act in a dramatic monologue audience is considered by a monologuist. In this type, a speech is directly given to the audience. One of the most common examples of a dramatic monologue is the monologues performed in TV, theatres and films. 

Internal Monologue:- Internal monologue is often seen in literature as a monologuist expresses his inner thoughts to readers. When the internal type of monologue is represented in the theatre audience witness the character’s thoughts. In TV and films, the monologues are usually spoken by a character behind the screen, the audience being able to hear his or her thoughts. 

After knowing enough information about a monologue let us study a few tips for presenting a monologue. 

  1. Selection of a monologue!

A monologuist has to express his thoughts to the audience so selecting a monologue is the most important factor. Choose a monologue which can help you give various expressions along with multiple tones. If you get a chance to choose a monologue in your audition, then you just had a blast in your auditions. Don’t let this opportunity go in vain by choosing a subtle or a simple monologue. 

      2. Convey the monologue!

As you are the only person standing to convey your thoughts to the audience, you need to convey your thoughts and emotions. Varying your tone, body language and expressions according to the content of monologue can help you to convey your monologue to the audience. 

3. Memorize! 

You should know your monologue without any doubt. Only understanding the monologue is not enough, knowing and remembering the monologue makes you look perfect. Memorizing the monologue is the tip of an iceberg which will ease your stress when you go to the platform. Read your monologue continuously along with expressions, record your voice and listen to it on loop. And you are ready with your monologue performance. 

4. Record your monologue while practising!

In this world of technology, mobile phones, camera are our best friends. Make sure you use these best friends very well for your improvement. Record your monologue every time you practice. Note down the changes and work according to that then you are all set to go! 

5. Remember your goal and focus on the character!

When you are performing a monologue you depict the character to the audience. Make sure you are expressing the correct character with the desired message. Always keep the motto of a monologue in mind. Do not deviate from your character as it engages the audience most! 

6. Work on your appearance!

Always remember the first impression is always the last impression. Your costume plays a vital role in front of the audience. Your costume describes your character very well. Choose your costume and appearance very carefully. 

Yes, we are almost done with the tips for performing a monologue! 

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