The true Soulmate!

The true Soulmate!

Why is it so hard to let people go?
Why is so much difficult to leave everything and concentrate on present?
Today I read a post which said,

“Be with people who make you feel best about yourself and always come with positivity”.

But, what if the same people bring sadness in your life?
Strange! Isnt it?
We do thousands of mistakes in life. Some affect us, some effect people surrounding us. Consequences of some mistakes extends to such level where, consequences changes our as well as people surrounding us. Accepting those mistakes, apologizing for those mistakes is one good thing we can do but facing the consequences is the whole another thing. In this whole facing scenario we might start feeling worse about ourselves and end up with hating ourselves. But the fact of mistakes will never change.
I understand things become very hard when people around us are moving on with their lives and we just sit there at the same place revolving around our own mistakes. I understand it is hard to be alone suddenly after being surrounded by many people. But it all depends on us, whether we want to take those situations as a source of strength or guilt.
Everyone needs time to get over their mistakes. We might overcome those mistakes but the world will never. We might start getting comments on our present work and relationships based on the mistakes. Then there is feeling, no matter what the past is never going to stop haunting. We might not think about our mistakes for some time or even forever but this world will never stop criticizing us.
So what should we do?
Is it possible to stop making mistakes?
Mistakes are significant part of life so it depends on us if we want to accept the mistake and to move on with learnings or just to hang in there with regrets.
Now coming to the part of “Hurting people”,
It is not easy to leave people with whom we share bonds, irrespective of the pain and hurt. Because we care about them. We put all the efforts to make things all right but one mistake or number of mistakes together changes everything. People surrounding us might or might not understand us or vice versa. But, we should be strong enough to stand for ourselves, to love ourselves. We should be brave enough to let go the mistakes because everyone of us deserves to become the best. Fight for happiness we deserve until it hurts someone and be the one true soulmate for ourselves.

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True soulmate ?♥️