The Other Night!
It was one of those other nights where I was loved the most, laughed a little more!

The Other Night!

The other night seemed crowded when we entered lane!

Everyone was involved in themselves, shopping in one shop, dancing in another place!

Everything was so much alive that night!

Usually I would get self conscious in such places about my looks, my behavior and what not but that night was different for me!
Neither was I scared of the crowd nor had a single moment of self doubt because he was holding my hand!

Whenever there was a chance of me feeling uncomfortable he would wrap his arms around my shoulders and there it was, a relief of being safe!

As soon as we exited the lane I saw the vast and everlasting ocean.
Unknowingly I held his hand even stronger as I never intended to let go even after having the heaven in front of my eyes!

The beach looked attractive with those lights and the sound of waves crashing the beach was no less than music!

The time we spent on that beach was more royal and valuable than those candlelight dinner dates on the shacks!

I don’t exactly remember the conversation but I know how soothing it felt with him!

When we stood in water waves crawled towards me and in no time I felt the sand sliding away but his hands gave me the support to stand still!

I knew, in every weakest moment of my life, he is never going to allow me to fall!

I did not want the night to end, I did not want to rest on the bed because that night I felt more comfortable than ever.

To my fortune, we could not get back to our stay!

Yes, I was scared. It was a new place for both of us but all I knew was this is the time I am never going to get back in my life.

When we finally decided to stop, I spotted steps at one shop.
We sat on those steps.

I knew he felt horrible for not getting us back home and that is where I said, “All I am doing right now is enjoying this moment, this night! We have started our lives together and I am sure we are going to laugh on this night in future while sharing the story to people”

All I wanted was to be with him!

We spoke and shared our heart out!

We already knew so much about each other but ironically we would find everything about each other interesting, at every moment!

We never lacked words to express with each other!

We could just talk for hours together!

And that was it! One of those other nights where I was loved the most, laughed a little more!

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Prashant H M

Hey Nil.. As I always say, u gotta come up with a book, and may that book be the bestseller!
B’fully described the time which u spent with the loved one. I can just imagine how blissful that time might have been for u..

May u have the same bliss forever sista..

Tc.. Best wishes!!


Nili… Your writings always reminds me of Savi Sharma. You should write these more often. This one was is beautifully written😍. Let the words speak and keep them coming.🤩👏


Nailed it bro… It’s really gives a great visualization of entire scene while reading 😅😍👌

Sakshi Hiremath

just wow❤…..!!