Every evening I take that bus ride, thoughts congest my mind. 

I know where I want /have to go and I know where I am standing right now. 

But the connecting path between now and then is blur enough to make me feel low.

It challenges my confidence every evening as the sun goes down. 

The bus which is full of people makes me feel alone! 

The place full of my people makes me feel like a stranger! 

The reflection in the mirror asks me questions about my own survival! 

In this competitive world, I don’t know when I lost myself to fit in here! 

And somehow I see all those efforts going down in vain! 

Everything turns out to be dark, there is no way ahead, no direction to turn around, exactly like the end of the world where I am standing alone!


Every morning I wake up with a motive to make the day count! 

I know what I felt last night is just a reflection of negativity! 

I know I have enough reasons to be happy!

I realise I am strong enough to come out of that darkness!  

Yes, every evening, as the sun sets down, it does feel like a dark hole.

Yet, I can still feel the rays of hope! 

Those rays of hope are nothing but the dreams I am willing to complete! 

This is not a struggle of survival but a fight for the dreams I want to live. 

The path is unclear, the future is uncertain but my goals are crystal clear!

It is hard to accept few and sudden changes but the evolution is necessary! 

This evolution is teaching me to be strong.

These days are going to help me understand the importance of success!

So, I know it is not “THE END” of my dreams it is the beginning of my beautiful life!

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  1. Sameeksha

    Good one

  2. Rakesh Gomadi

    Hello myself Rakesh
    Actually this was the first time I read these blog,

    “The End” These quotes influence the motions of people who are in vain assist them that it’s not THE END.
    Very beautifully you have captioned these letterings with feelings

  3. Shivani pachwadkar

    Nice one.. We need this type of motivation

  4. Vijet kamat

    Effective and good one

  5. Priyanka

    Outwit…A fab motivational.

  6. Swarupa pansare

    Nice one

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