Sun And People Come With New Hopes

Sun And People Come With New Hopes

Have you ever met someone who stays for some duration in your life but takes away a piece of your heart forever? There is this short time that we spend with them but cherishes forever. Sometimes, only emptiness can fill the void.  We try to fill it with things which are related to them or at least we have adapted from them, however, it is never enough.  We let them in our lives, the bond grows closer and unexpectedly they leave, with or without reasons.

People always leave, don’t they?

We can never predict when a person closes a door in your life. Those people, we expect to be the permanent part of life vanish into thin air as if they never existed! Sometimes we know the chances of meeting them again are equal to none and yet we let them go believing and wishing the best for them!

In the initial days, we might find ourselves in the darkness, not being able to handle the void. A few days later, missing them and losing that piece of the heart becomes a part of a day to day routine.  In all this process, we forget that we wish them happiness and success keeping ourselves in darkness!  The missing piece of heart has the memories and strength to brighten our darkest of days! We need to put efforts to light the rays in our life with those memories in our darkest of time.

People are like the sun. We should enjoy the light until the sunset.  Love them, allow them to love you and let them in your life. Let us be with them at most. Once they are gone for good, accepting the reality and closing that chapter should not be the reason for the darkness but the hope to live happily.

I guess the least we can do to respect the loved ones is to brighten our lives with their memories. I understand it is hard but it is a must deed. Let us learn from the past, live the present and plan the future! But remember, someday you will be that sun in someone else’s life which will rise with new hopes and will set with lots of memories with them.

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An epitome for personification!

Sudhir Jadhav

Very nice.

Welcome to the blog world!

soumya neginahal

Machi u nailed it!! I loved it the most????


It s a wounderfull most loved ……..keep going neeli ++++



Amazing lines , really superb.

Dipali chavhan

Deep Thoughts..??


Is this just your imagination ? Or have you really gone through any such situation in you life?




Yeah that’s true in everyone’s case?☺️


Thank you for these words, u made me realise the reality and move on.
Thank you Nilima?


Awesome,you nailed it great work awesome line


Awesome,you nailed it great work awesome line


Hmm well I agree ♥️


Loved it AKKA it’s really amazingly u have written ?



Harshvardhan Samant

Truly said.


Superb Dear ❤


Well said ?????

Koushik reddy

U really nailed it akka, awesome. ?

Mamata Tangadagi


Mamata Tangadagi



This is beyond awesome!!! ???


Life happens and we are left out with no choice but to move on… Superbbbb nili??

Rajashree P Hatkar

You exactly put up the feelings in words.. As I was reading I could really feel that emotions all over again.. it’s beautiful.. thank you ❤️✨✨

Abhishek chowrasia

Actually most of the people are not conscious enough to hold that memory and inculcate a sense of darkness in their life as because most of the people are clever but few are like that because of their virtuous and kind heart and they know that the only thing which they have is the memories of those stars in their lives and they should use the memories to influenced their life in positive way inspite of negative.


good write up