Stay! because I need you

Stay! because I need you

Stay, because I need you,
Stay, because you need me,
Stay, because we promised each other to spend life together,
Stay, because I will make millions of mistakes in future and I need you to stop me rather than being quite.
Yes, I am angry and hurt too. Do you know when I closed my eyes to hide my tears from people around me and I found myself with you, in your arms, I hoped on the train of moments we spent together and ended up thinking how we are made for each other. I realized even if I am hurt and angry on you, what I need is you and your hug to be fine and to make myself calm.
May be the reason you are leaving is me being hurt but you have to stay because no one than you has right to hurt me. No one is supposed to bring tears in my eyes than you because only you have right to love me and eventually to hurt me too.
Stay, to stop me from taking wrong decisions. I need you to stay because my words need you.
I need you now and forever. I can not take your silence of your voice and silence of your words. I always found myself in the words you wrote, I always found myself in the beautiful writings and fairy tale we wrote.
I can give infinite reasons for why I need you. I can write how much I love you, till the sun stops showing up and that will also not be enough. At the end I know one thing, I love you and you love me too. I need you to stay and never be quite because I am in love with your voice, your words and laugh.
I need you to express me and us through your words for the rest of our life. I need you and a chance to create beautiful stories, our beautiful stories!
Stay, because I need my writer and his words to make me feel loved.
I request you, stay!

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Vaishnavi Para

It’s beautiful ❤❤❤??