Spill to Inspire

Spill to Inspire

“I am just tired of losing and failing every day and every stage, only because I feel that every time I give my best and at the end, I get nothing but the disappointment”. 

If I am not wrong then most of us must have experienced this multiple times throughout our life span. 

Let us begin from childhood if you were a studious child then obviously you must have worked on scoring good marks. If you were interested in sports then you must have given your 100% to make sure you win that one game! 

Basically, whatever we were curious in at that point of life we concentrated on that. We made sure we give our best to be successful in it. But, whenever we did not get the success or the expected satisfaction for whatsoever reason the disappointment was always heartbroken, wasn’t it? Some or other way, we were expected to never give up on those dreams and some of us never did. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to enough to get the support to work on their dreams! 

It is not only about childhood dreams or the passion we used to carry back then but also about the dreams and success we look for the whole life! As soon as we entered the adulthood we are gifted with bags of responsibilities by society! Every one of us have struggled to keep their dreams alive at one or other stage of life. 

We all fight, give our 100%, invest our time, heart, mind and soul into one thing, be it a dream, a relation, a person or work! But when it does not work out according to our expectations, the disappointment is again the heartbreaking. The pain of this heartbreak might be the same but the depth of this pain is always hard to explain and compare. 

Till now I have come across thousands of people, I have listened to their stories and trust me every single story has helped me to stand up whenever I have failed. 

Yes, I know, how it feels when one bad paper in exam changes the complete result. 

Yes, I know how it feels when we are called as an irresponsible child. 

Yes, I know how it feels after having a heartbreak. 

Yes, I know how it feels when guilt strikes the mind and heart. 

Yes, I know how it feels to face the disappointment even after putting all my efforts in everything that mattered to me. 

Yes, I know how hard it is to believe myself and my dreams even after failing multiple times! 

And I know every one of you has faced all these situations in life. Today I want you all to know one thing, even if you did not get the success you expected as but you have taken a step towards your own improvement. We feel bad for not being successful because we believe we have worked on it and that belief on the dream and the actions we take to complete them is always important. 

So, I think we should see the failure as the motivation to achieve the goal. Always listen to the stories of people who are around us. They help us a lot to develop ourselves. I have always been inspired by the stories shared by my friends, by the people around me, by my parents and my relatives. Regardless of their age or gender or qualification, their stories have taught me one or other thing which keeps on inspiring me! 

I want the world to know the stories which have always inspired me! Every story is worth sharing and worth listening. So, I am starting a project, “Spill to Inspire” where I will be telling your stories on my website which I am sure will help hundreds to live their life! 

Nilima Jangam


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Akshatha upadhya

Just amazing Nili♥️♥️♥️


This is very nice….I like it….Best luck with your new project.


Best one bro!!!


Bring them on Nilima??


Affordable Yaar


Quite interesting….
I would love to tell and also to hear more about it.

Your previous article “enlighten the fire within you, instead of burning candles” was really beautiful.


Good one … Sure we will share our stories

Prashant H M

Hey Nilima..

U had olvz been a person with whom when spoken, leaves behind the positive impressions which certainly lasts for long time!

The actions which u put by writing, n by letting the people around u knw abt it, signify, that u rili care abt them, u rili wanna make their lives better!

It’s been glad readin n knowin yo thoughts!

Love, regards n best wishes dee!

May yo stories help others to enhance their lives in some or the other way!!

Best wishes for the further journeys n endeavours!