Her Source of  Happiness!

Her Source of Happiness!

There she was, sitting at the back on the bike! Her eyes were glowing while she spoke of her dreams to him! The confidence was shining on her face when she expressed herself to him. He listened and appreciated and supported for every word she uttered. He was always the her source of happiness! 

His words lifted her faith, and she was sure she could reach on the top mountains of her dreams. Every moment of her spirit had a link to his words which convinced her that he is the key to her dreams! 

His voice always gave her the strength to believe in her dreams. 

She connected her life to his. She rechecked the smallest of things from him, every plan of hers. 

“You always need someone to support you in life”, he said. 

She said, “Yes, I do. I accept it. It was hard when I realised. I guess some people are built that way.” 

“No. You just need to be strong”, the reply came! 

When you stand on the shore, the sand under your feet slides away with the water, and you feel that you are falling. But you don’t fall, or you balance yourself on another layer of sand.

You just stand on the part of water and sand which will keep on moving, but you rely on your feet and adapt to balance as time passes. 

His words played the part of sand and not feet, in her life. She misunderstood and forgot to balance when they both drifted apart! 

However, she realised when she sought one more recheck on her thought and decision.  

“You don’t need my approval. You are yourself, and it is your decision to make.” 

This one statement hit her to the core. 

She realised that she dreamt everything because she thought she could do it, and the words he spoke gave her the strength to work for those. 

She was the only source of her happiness, success and every good thing that happened to her! He supported her to keep up but the reason of her happiness was she, herself!

Her initial source of dreams was she, herself. She was truely independent on that day. She freed herself from the cage she had built for herself. She knew it is not going to be easy but she had to come out and feel the air of confidence on her face to glow like a sun in between the mountains of her dreams! 

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Daya Modekar



Nice thought.
One suggestion is please elaborate the thought deeply not the situation or character.
Keep it up

Prashant H M

Hi Nil..

Rightly said in the ‘bottomline’ , it’s about being independent..
Being independent strengthenes the ability to remain happy despite the peaks and dips..

Well, well written buddy!!
Kp writing.. GBU!! 🙂

Atul m

Good one it could have been little more lengthy