Enlighten the fire in you, instead of burning candles!

Enlighten the fire in you, instead of burning candles!

14th February, the whole country is paying their condolences for the dark and unacceptable truth which took place at Pulwama!
As all of us know, we lost 40 Central Reserve Police Force personnel. The incident has not affected only the family members of these 40 martyrs but the whole nation!

Today, I am writing again, to pay tribute to not only those 40 martyrs but also every single Indian who lives for the safety of our country.
After research, I got to know that around 107 terrorist attacks India has faced since 1980 and lost innumerable brave lives! The number of regular attacks on borders, firing across the Line of Controls are not even counted. There are many unofficial and undercover operations conducted by the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce or Indian Intelligence Agencies like RAW. Without our knowledge, we are being saved from a horrible death, every single moment by all these officers, the living Gods!

My question to all of you is, “Is this only their responsibility to take care of our country?” “How are we contributing to make our country a safe place for every one of us?”
If I start stating the problems and the reasons or excuses behind them, it will never stop but I also know that as a responsible Indian, every one of us has the best possible solution to solve these issues!
Let us be a responsible Indian
Recently, in the Yuva Summit 2020, I had an opportunity to meet one of the eminent personalities of the Indian Army, Param Veer Chakra Awardee. Yogendra Singh Yadav, who has fought in Kargil War, Operation Vijay and Battle of Tiger Hill. He addressed the crowd by saying, “You are an Indian first then a leader, student, child, sister, brother, mother or father! Before any relations, you belong to this country and you have equal responsibility for our country on your shoulders as much as army personnel”.
Starting with a basic duty of being an Indian,
Caste Your VOTE!

Don’t do it because you want a particular party to win over but because you want to see the changes and development in our country!
Pay Taxes!

Paying tax is our responsibility. In simpler words, when we start earning, we are eventually considered as a responsible person at home where we shall perform our duties as a responsible daughter or a responsible son. Then, why do we stop ourselves from performing our duties towards our own country? I have started paying my taxes and it feels more responsible every month!
Say No to Unethical and Illegal Work!
I am not going to give any particular example for this one! Just say NO and stop the unethical and illegal actions which can destroy the peace and foundation of our country. Don’t do or never allow someone to do the work which is harmful to our country!

Let us make our country safe!
When I say this, almost everyone must have thought about girls safety, am I right? Well, in the present, no one, even a child, a man or a boy is safe on the streets!
Let us make sure that we create a safe atmosphere for each other! Instead of being a machine, let us be humans with emotions and a bit of humanity in our hearts!
Instead of creating a chaos on the basis of castes, genders and age groups, let us unite and be a family!
If you have ever been to a cantonment area or military courters, you will experience the unity and that kind of unity we all must have among each other!
Give Back!
Now, I am not speaking in terms of taxes but in terms of talent! Instead of settling abroad, work for our country! Spend not just money but share your talent for the development of our own country! Work on your passion, start something creative or new, work in a company but make sure you are giving back to your country!
This is the place, where we were born, this is the place where we were educated and sometimes even provided with scholarships, this is the place we have learned to live! And we should never forget to be grateful and that is where we need to give back to this country and its development.

Well, guys, these are just basic points everyone must follow otherwise the list will just go on!
The whole point, if you want to sympathize the family of every martyr then do at least one deed a day which will help our country. Our defense is doing their job to protect us from the outer world but it is our responsibility to protect the inner terrorism otherwise the sacrifices done by those brave personnel will flow in the drain!

By lighting the candles we can not bring them back, by conducting rallies we can not save this country! The least we can do is perform our duties as a PROUD INDIAN to share our tribute to every martyr!

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Abhishek chowrasia

Thanks for your research and it is really important that everyone should follow these things in order to take our country to the Pinnacle of success.