Nilima S Jangam

A writer from the soul!

Everyone has a weapon and a talent that works as an agent to bring success, a shield for protection, and strength in every weakest point.
The chaos in my mind is the strength and words I write are my weapons!

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Emotional Entanglement


Spill to Inspire

The plate of my thoughts

My Works!

I want to use my talent and passion to help those who seek it. I am willing to continue my work to create a better place for every living being on this planet!

It is my hime and I am your mother

It is my home

Humanity is a word initialised by the word human because a human keep the ability to empathise and understand every

Beach Date

The Other Night!

The other night seemed crowded when we entered lane! Everyone was involved in themselves, shopping in one shop, dancing in

Last Breath!

Every single night, I went to bed with a heavy and sorrowful heart!Unlimited unanswered questions in mind were worst than

First Love!

Hello there! In this blog, I am willing to express the most famous and common feeling yet the precious for


Every evening I take that bus ride, thoughts congest my mind.  I know where I want /have to go and


Nothing could change those devastating thoughts in her mind. She was afraid to come out of her zone, I doubt


Some relations and bonds are beyond explanations. Such bond can be with anyone, human or an animal or anything irrespective

Written Ambrosia

Coming soon….