From being a nerd to being the Banjaran, my life has been filled with memories, success, failure and all the thick and thin!

I belong to a village named Parali in Satara district of Maharashtra. 

With very less exposure to the opportunities, I always dreamt about being an engineer with a daily job of a decent package! As soon as I entered engineering, life turned in 360 degrees! 

The one virtual dead-end of engineering introduced me to the rest of the world. 

That is very my journey as a blogger, as a social worker and as a LEADer began! 

Now that I have found myself I am working on my dreams and exploring the world and nature along with its very minute creations!

Lead Talk

One of the best moments of my life

My contribution to this society!
As I left my parents nest to fly high I was exposed to the world and reality of this world. I always wanted to put in my efforts to make things better and take off some of their problems. 

From visiting and helping orphanages and old-age homes to conducting blood donation camps, I began my social work. 

As a kid, I never had exposure to opportunities this world has kept for me. With the help and guidance of LEAD, I took an initiative of career guidance for govt. schools. While working on this project I was asked to spread awareness about women health and hygiene. 

The peaceful expressions of those faces gave me the satisfaction of my work. 

My journey as a writer began in the year 2015 with LEAD. Through my words and writings, I am willing to continue to do work which can make our society a better place for everyone. Writing is not just a hobby or a passion for me but an addiction which has saved me millions of times from falling off the edge! 

I want to use my talent and passion to help those who seek it. I am willing to continue my work to create a better place for every living being on this planet!


Contributions to the society!