It is my home and I am your mother

It is my home and I am your mother

Humanity is a word initialised by the word human because a human keep the ability to empathise and understand every smallest factor on this planet. Before expressing my pain, I just want to ask one question to all the humans listening or reading to this! 

Do you disturb the peace or the originality when you are a guest to someone? 

Or, how do you treat someone who visits your house and creates chaos which causes off balance in your life?

Then, how dare you humans create chaos on my land which you claim to be yours? 

You called me motherland, mother nature and out of the motherhood, I let you in on my land! I adjusted to make you feel comfortable. 

You cut off my parts, forests, to make your own concrete forests! 

To have your life balanced, you made me fall off the edge! 

Now, all I can hear is one noise from the machine you happen to hop in to reach from one point to another! 

The noise keeps on hitting on my eardrums!

I gave you the best atmosphere to feel fresh, but now all I can smell is poison. 

Every passing minute, I have lost my control! 

Along with you, other animals are also my children. A mother can never accept her child’s mistakes. It is my responsibility to make you understand. 

If you put your survival as your priority, then I have to put my survival on top of the list. 

You forced me to become a harsh mother to save my own home and my kids. 

Every natural disaster you face is and always will be the consequences of your actions. 

If you don’t respect mine and my other children’s existence, then you will be thrown out of this home. 

You are my children, and I am devastated to see you helpless like this! I don’t like to be harsh on you, and I will stop if you start being selfless. 

I will stop once you realise the importance of equality, humanity. 

I will stop once you start being a human with humanity and heart in you. 

Otherwise, remember! 

It is my home, and I am your mother. I will not tolerate indiscipline and off-balance here. 

Yours Truly 

Mother Nature! 

Picture Credits : Chinmay Kateel

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Lingaraj Duggani

Nice one

Sachin shinde

Very nice

Prashant H M

Hey Nil..
I am moved to read this article and enthralled to see how b’fully have u expressed the Mother Earth’s plight!!
I salute u boss,for the kinda empathy which u have for the humanity!
Loved it Nil..

“Kindness is like a rent which we have to pay to the Mother Land for the place which we did occupy”!!

Well, U aa just amazing Nil..
Pls kp writing!!