Happy Mothers Day!

Since last 20 years, I have come across millions of women. We all have been listening to billions of stories inspiring womanhood or stories which teach a lesson for a lifetime. Today I am not going to write about famous and respected women but respected and who have directly touched my soul.
The first lady who tops this list is none other than the person I carry my heart with. She has taught me to be strong and independent enough to make decisions. She has made me realise my responsibilities towards family, society and not to forget, towards my career and life. She is the reason behind me carrying my heart on my sleeves. My mother, she has brought up me and my sister not less than boys. She is the lady of my house who has been supporting my dad and the small but sweet empire of us. Today I am working on my dreams because she made me realize the importance of independent life. I am dreaming my successful life because she gave me eyesight to see the bright future. Thank you, mummy! I don’t say this more often but I love you. I am sorry for hurting you many times but I thank you for everything.
Ever heard this term, “Maasi maa saman hoti hai?”
I have not just heard it but experienced it. I am staying in a hostel and my aunt’s house is in the same city. She is my guardian since last four years and I have never felt the partiality towards her daughter and me. She got married at an early age of around 10 years. The second name of her life can be told as a struggle. Her struggle started right after marriage and she took care of her sister in law’s children in Dharwad then she shifted to Bangalore and took care of her brother in law’s children. And then shifted to Belagavi for a settled life. After many years of marriage, she was not blessed with a child. After lots of medicines and worships, they were blessed with a girl child. Everyone thought that will be a full stop for her struggle but that was acceptable by nature. She raised the child alone after the death of her husband. It has been 15 years she has raised a beautiful and strong daughter. Society looks at her as a middle-aged, uneducated widow but in actual she is a young, wise, strongest independent woman. She is simple, down to earth, strong, independent woman and a mother. Thank you, aunty!
The second person on this list is a reason I am able to work on dreams my mother has shown me. I still remember the first I met her. She came on a bike to my school when I was in 4th std. Tall, beautiful and attractive and glowing eyes made her my favourite person at that instant itself. She taught me only for a year but the bond we share together is not less than a mother and daughter. I was lucky enough to get her in my early age. She moulded me into a sculpture and allowed me to enter the further world. She is the best mom for her both daughters. She is the best and the strongest women I have ever met. Thank you Nalawade Madam for guiding me as a teacher and treating me as your own daughter.
The next lady has given me the best gift of my life, my soul mate, Kalyani! Her mom, Mrs Manisha Ambupe comes from a village background and luckily from the same place I come from. Despite all odds in her life, she is strong enough to handle every situation. She is not only a great mother but also a daughter any parents would wish for. Her achievements can’t be counted on fingers. She is the first woman to fly from my village. With all the success in her life, something makes her different than any other lady. And that is nothing but her simplicity and down to earth nature. Thank you Kaku for inspiring me and gifting me an idiotic person in my life!!
The next person has also gifted me a diamond. I have met her hardly 5 to 6 times but every time my best friend speaks about her feels like I am listening to stories. Her struggles are infinite and still the way she stands today is what a girl or any woman should take from her. She has brought up two sons on her own and her efforts are not wasted. She has turned two boys into gentlemen. She is always strict but she being strict has made his home a beautiful world. One more person to inspire and to look for to become strong is his mom. Thank you, aunty!!
I have very less experience with this woman but the way I see Varadh now, I am damn sure she has made a hell out of efforts. First thing I want to say Mrs Lakshmi Kulkarni is, “Thank you” for raising Varadh into a fine gentleman. She is the coolest mother I have ever met. She knows the time to be strong on her children and I guess that has made her the queen of the “Kulkarni kingdom”! How much ever I have heard about her, I have become a fan of her caring heart and the coolest attitude she carries on her sleeves. I am also a fan of her cooking! Thank you, aunty!!!
All mothers are the best, some of them does not get to share a motherhood but the Mother Nature in her is no less. There are many women I have met and has made a great impact on my life. Every one of them is a mother and has treated me as their own child. Mrs Deepali Parale, Mrs Preeti Lavande, Mrs Usha Alat, Mrs Sujata Survey are some of more names I will never forget in my life. This blog is just a small gesture of thank you to all the mothers out there.


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