Some relations and bonds are beyond explanations. Such bond can be with anyone, human or an animal or anything irrespective of its gender, colour, or type. Great is the person who gave a name to such incredible relation as “FRIENDSHIP”. I take this Friendship day as an opportunity to dedicate a blog to all the friends, Best Friends and soulmate who are miles away from me. Friendship is not about how many friendship bands appear on wrist or what expensive gifts one gets from friends, but rather it is a feeling, a combination of maturity and immaturity at the same time.
It is a love that every lover is jealous of!. Time spent with friends become memories and many times those same memories give a reason to smile and to live. The distance may grow but the friendship remains the same.
Friendship is the first relation after the relation with family and the same friendship grows so strong that the friend becomes family. At every stage of life the shape of friendship might change but the constant care never differs. Do you remember, the early stage friendship used to be about sharing tiffin boxes in school or using each other’s stationary? And as we grow up those friends become our family members. From sharing tiffin box, pens and pencils till sharing deep and dark secrets life changes but the friendship never.
The best part about friendship is friends are never replaced no matter what. People add up in life, new people become new friends but the older ones are always the golden ones. Misunderstandings, fights, attitude issues, jealousy, these things happen in every relation but friendship is the one which sustains through all these phases and grows over time.
Friends are the ones, no one can survive without. They are the reliable shoulders to cry, they have the capability to understand us, they are the ones who play roles of mother, father, sister, brother and all the other parts as per the need and the situation, and they are the trustworthy ones to hold upon every time. Friends are the ultimate examples of sacrifices because they know us better than anyone else in this world.
They know when to hold our hands and when to let us go. They are the best part of life anyone can ever get. As the famous saying goes, the richness of a person is defined with the amount of real friends he has in this fake world. Live this life with the treasure of happiness and love with friends and, family. Enjoy every moment spent with them, value those people and value your time with them.

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Hapy frndshps day to u too …. Heart touching one … Really i cud connect to it n i got d faces of ma frnds frm childhood til nv… Ty so much fo dis… U r8 really wel man…. I wish u al gd luck fo upcoming ones…


Hapy frndshps day to u too Varadh…. Heart touching one… Really i cud connect to it n i got d faces of ma frnds frm childhood til nv in front of ma eyes… Ty so much fo dis… U r8 really wel man… I wish u al d gd luck fo upcoming ones….