Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever

Fairy tales start with once upon a Time and end with forever Afters! Of the love between beauty and the beast, of all the Disney princess and their prince charming, of real life stories of heer and ranjha, jodha and Akbar , Romeo and Juliet! It’s not the characters or people that stay immortal, rather the moments and experiences.

The sun sets everyday- doesn’t stay up, the glue doesn’t hold on forever, every second , every moment passes by and all we are left with is memories – which also leave with us ,unless we leave a footprint behind!

Now contrary to this, think of a photo captured of a sunrise, the painting made of a tree before it withers, a lonely heart that pens down of the love it seeks , of music composed on the great turbulence of one’s life? Now these things in true sense never cieze to exist!

The buildings once built may crumble down, the body may turn to Ash! But POETRY? No, that never dies a natural death! It continues to live and to be cherished my people after people for generations to come!

Love- stays on forever and ever
It’s funny how all the things that stay on are not those that are materialised. Not somethings we can see, touch ,smell or hear. Merely some fragments which we choose to see and remain etched and those which we experience and feel!

We all dream of our very own forevers, but we forget to live and cherish them in the chase of making them happen! Every second is a forever in itself. Give it a thought!

Written By : Ayudha Kembhavi

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? wonderful

Dr Anita Kadagad Kembhavi

So true, time flies and forever vanishes unless there are footprints. Beautifully written dear. Love you forever.


It’s really good !!

Vasant Koppar

Beautifully written. Forever and Ever !!❤❤?

Arijit bhattacharjee

Loved itttttt… Touched the soul and would carry on its essence “Forever and ever !!!”