First Love!

First Love!

Hello there! In this blog, I am willing to express the most famous and common feeling yet the precious for every individual. First LOVE! I am no different!

I have had those special moments! I have felt those goths in my stomach! I have felt all the “First Time” moments! 

Well, as you can assume, my first love was not a dream come true! 

But I don’t regret even a single moment of the relationship! 

Today I want to thank that one special person through this article! 

I remember all those evenings he used to wait for me to come from school! Yeah, it is old school but he did do it and I guess that is where my teenaged heart fell for him! 

Whenever I saw him, I used to get those huge butterflies in my stomach! I loved the feeling all the time, yes, I was scared but I did love it! 

He used to tell me that my way of expressing love would always be a shocking surprise to him. 

The innocence in my behaviour would always make me follow him as if I was a person in the darkness who was following a ray of hope to live and laugh. Even with a blindfold tied I would comfortably follow him with the confidence of being safe. 

I never felt alone after he entered my life. Sometimes he did not support me with few serious issues but I guess that’s what made me strong and gave strength to be independent. 

I loved him with all my heart, with all my senses and I don’t regret even a microsecond of it. 

My innocence and the pure heart was all I had and I gave it to him without blinking! I was always rude and arrogant with everyone just to protect myself but he made me feel safe in this world. He changed my personality, he made sure I believe in myself, he made sure I work on my dreams and touch the heights of success! 

I don’t know how but I always gathered strength to love him infinitely regardless of how rude his behaviour was, how much he ignored me! Without any demands and complaints, I just continued to share everything I had, I kept on expressing my love without any expectations. 

I did every possible thing I could till that one day! 

After giving everything, after loving him with all my heart I was not ready to share him with anyone, though it was a prank for him I could not handle it! My heart was shattered into pieces.

That one evening and that night changed everything for me! 

I decided not to let anyone in my heart! I know it is the cheesy line but I was afraid… 

Now after 5 years he might think I have become an arrogant and egoistic person but that is not true! I am just protecting my heart! 

Now at this moment, I have everything in my life any girl would dream for! 

But somewhere I still guard my heart! 

It took years to mend my heart and I guess that is still in the process! 

I don’t know if I can go back to the person I was, even if I want to! 

But I want to thank him for everything! For coming in my life, for making it a beautiful catastrophe! 

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