And.. That’s how you fight your demons!

And.. That’s how you fight your demons!

There are times when you need at least one person from among those, “I will be there for you every time”, to understand you without uttering back a single word. But none can do it every time, can they? Well, it is not their mistake if they fail to understand because eventually, they are human beings and not a god to understand the secretive, hidden trauma that you are going through!

That’s your cue to understand that there isn’t any point in fighting or blaming them for being unable to empathize with you. Instead, you have got to check with yourself to find a solution that can comfort you.

How do we do that?

Let us assume that you don’t know what exactly is wrong and why you are feeling low and negative. It feels like there is a heavy rock resting on your chest and you can not move it because the rock is practically absent and the pain and heaviness start killing you internally. All of this when you still can not make out the reason.

In such cases do you think bursting out on your loved one is appropriate? I understand that from your perspective; you are not afflicting them and merely expressing what you are feeling at this vulnerable stage. But, yelling at them will definitely not solve things for you.

Ergo, how do we get out of this?

I think, isolating for an hour can help calm yourself. During the isolation, you have got to focus on the pain and embrace it through tears till the pain reduces. Yes, it seems illogical but its when you embrace yourself, you begin to understand the roots to the pain-causing problems, and the tears help to vent that pain out. Tears are no sign of weakness and when you allow yourself to release the pain, you come to be stronger. Once you begin to feel normal or a bit light-hearted, pick out the reason for your pain and ways to overcome the issue. If you are bold enough to let go of the invisible rock on your chest then trust me, resolving the issue is as easy as breathing and blinking.

Now, what if you identify the reason that is bothering you, but you are not strong enough to speak or expect someone to understand your silence, then what?

Naturally, when you identify the reason for your agony, you equally know the solution for it. It is you who is suffering, and which is why you know what exactly can help calm you down. You know in your heart, what words can heal and comfort your soul. Just close your eyes or rather stand opposite to the mirror and voice it to yourself. Console yourself enough to express those emotions through words. Most of your work is done there itself! Once you have the courage to confront the problem then you have the courage to resolve it as well.

Every problem has distinct solutions, and every individual has their own ways to look after themselves. But the foremost essential thing is to believe in yourself, not to be harsh on yourself or anyone else in this state, and to strengthen yourself. And that is how you learn to confront your own demons!

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Lovely ♥️well written 😘I can relate many things with the irony of my life😚😚best part is this writing has given hopes and courage 🤗

Prashant H M

well written buddy.. This article wud be useful for those who count on others and wait and suffer if not been helped..

Bottom line, “Find the solution on your own if unfortuntely no one came forward..”

well, best wishes buddy.. Kp writing..