Bleeding Knees or Bleeding Vagina?

Bleeding Knees or Bleeding Vagina?

Last year on Valentine’s Day Belgaum came across with a rape case of a medical student. Criminals were arrested and were living a peaceful life in jail. But the victim, the girl is living in the hell now. It’s not just her story but every girl who is abused, who is raped, Society points out on her. They comment on her dressings, her boldness, her working hours, her friends and everything they see. They find out each and everything they can point as mistake for getting raped. They say bold, straight forward and open minded girls and women are an invitation for men to fuck them. On the serious note I want to mention that this blog is not about all men. I respect all the men in the world till they respect women equally. It is not an offense to all the supportive men in the world. So, coming back to the topic, I never agreed to the point of people who blamed girls for getting raped. I have question for people in the society who wants to blame a girl, “What kind of exposing clothes of a 2 and half years girl child should wear to attract a 21 years old brat?”
Yeah, you read it correct, he raped a “BABY”. Oh! Wait that baby is not a “BABE” she is a two and half year girl child. A child who doesn’t even know the use of her vagina rather than using it for “SUSU” experienced a pain of fucking cock inside her. Imagining the pain gives goose bumps to me, I don’t know how she survived throughout the pain. One simple question strike my mind, which body part of a two and half years old child must have attracted the rapist? He took her behind the school and raped her. What kind of satisfaction he must have got from such a gross act of a child rape? Here shows the mentality of that person (I don’t even want to address him as a “Person”) His dirty act shows an eagerness to get satisfaction of fucking! How low quality satisfaction he must have got from a child? What an ass he must have been to get pleasure from a child’s screaming? Giving the pain and the child’s screaming was not enough for him to be a fucking monster so he decided to bury her alive to hide his crime. He dug behind the school to kill her. The rapist is not a human being, he cannot be compared to existed monsters also. He is the monster every girl child will be afraid of. The girl is in hospital. Her physical stitches and the pain will get reduced but can the time heal her and her family’s emotional pain? NO Never. The moment has changed everyone’s life in that family.
Every parent will think 1000 times before sending out their princess. This incident will surely change one situation in country, society will make sure that every girl irrespective of her age will stay at house to save herself from the monsters. I agree in this world it’s a responsibly of a girl to be safe but I can’t just digest the fact that even a girl child should look over her safety. In the days of experiencing pain of bleeding knees she had to experience pain of bleeding vagina. Even with all the disasters happening around the world how many culprits have been punished to the equality of their crimes? The crime of giving her unbearable pain, his crime of hurting her, crime of touching her without her permission, crime of destroying her life, the crime which they call satisfaction changes a girl’s life. Those moment became nightmares of her life. She has to feel the pain in her body as well as in her heart. She faces society where she sees eyes full of pity, hatred, and what not. And what does the criminal gets? Jail for some years? There also he lives peacefully with two times of food and shelter on his head. Though the police torture such monsters, is that torture comparable to the victim faces in the society? People demand for the capital punishment for such a criminal. But he doesn’t deserve to die easily by destroying lives and their dreams. The punishment should be something like this, “Cut of his penis and let him experience the physical pain. He should understand how it feels to be a man without his fucking part which wanted a satisfaction. Take rally on road revealing his identity and him. Don’t take him back to jail but handover him to public. There starts work of public, throw things on him let it be cow dung, stones whatever shit the public wants to throw. Rip of his clothes off, make him nude so that people can laugh at him and can see him being a man without his organ. Then hang him the middle of the crowd.” I know this will bring too much of violence in the society but the pain and torture girl carries in her life is nothing compared to the violence. If once this kind of cruel punishment is given no one will dare to touch her until and unless she allows him to.
To all the girls, we are surrounded by monsters. Each fairy-tale has a villain and hero to save a princess but in our fairy tale we princesses are the hero of our lives. Let’s not destroy our dreams and future because of this bastards around us. Girls who had been victim of such a cruel crime, are beautiful as every other girl but stronger than any person in this world. Girl’s purity can’t be determined by an evil’s crime. Let’s not loose hopes on ourselves. No one is going to bring us our independence and security. We should develop things among ourselves. If there are monsters outside there are good people too who wants to support us. But the important part here is “Never give up because of the monsters. They can’t destroy the strength we have in us.” No one can feel the pain a girl carries within her but at least we can help her to forget those nightmares and make her feel comfortable in the society. Let us protect our sisters, friends, wife, mother, daughter and every other female in our life. Don’t ever forget that being protective towards women is the real manhood and a part of humanity.

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Emotions in words!

pramod ganiga

Yeah don’t just hang them
Give them to the public

Saksharathe hechch aytu…but samskaraa hoytu….