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First Love!

Hello there! In this blog, I am willing to express the most famous and common feeling yet the precious for every individual. First LOVE! I am no different!

I have had those special moments! I have felt those goths in my stomach! I have felt all the “First Time” moments! 

Well, as you can assume, my first love was not a dream come true! 

But I don’t regret even a single moment of the relationship! 

Today I want to thank that one special person through this article! 

I remember all those evenings he used to wait for me to come from school! Yeah, it is old school but he did do it and I guess that is where my teenaged heart fell for him! 

Whenever I saw him, I used to get those huge butterflies in my stomach! I loved the feeling all the time, yes, I was scared but I did love it! 

He used to tell me that my way of expressing love would always be a shocking surprise to him. 

The innocence in my behaviour would always make me follow him as if I was a person in the darkness who was following a ray of hope to live and laugh. Even with a blindfold tied I would comfortably follow him with the confidence of being safe. 

I never felt alone after he entered my life. Sometimes he did not support me with few serious issues but I guess that’s what made me strong and gave strength to be independent. 

I loved him with all my heart, with all my senses and I don’t regret even a microsecond of it. 

My innocence and the pure heart was all I had and I gave it to him without blinking! I was always rude and arrogant with everyone just to protect myself but he made me feel safe in this world. He changed my personality, he made sure I believe in myself, he made sure I work on my dreams and touch the heights of success! 

I don’t know how but I always gathered strength to love him infinitely regardless of how rude his behaviour was, how much he ignored me! Without any demands and complaints, I just continued to share everything I had, I kept on expressing my love without any expectations. 

I did every possible thing I could till that one day! 

After giving everything, after loving him with all my heart I was not ready to share him with anyone, though it was a prank for him I could not handle it! My heart was shattered into pieces.

That one evening and that night changed everything for me! 

I decided not to let anyone in my heart! I know it is the cheesy line but I was afraid… 

Now after 5 years he might think I have become an arrogant and egoistic person but that is not true! I am just protecting my heart! 

Now at this moment, I have everything in my life any girl would dream for! 

But somewhere I still guard my heart! 

It took years to mend my heart and I guess that is still in the process! 

I don’t know if I can go back to the person I was, even if I want to! 

But I want to thank him for everything! For coming in my life, for making it a beautiful catastrophe! 



Every evening I take that bus ride, thoughts congest my mind. 

I know where I want /have to go and I know where I am standing right now. 

But the connecting path between now and then is blur enough to make me feel low.

It challenges my confidence every evening as the sun goes down. 

The bus which is full of people makes me feel alone! 

The place full of my people makes me feel like a stranger! 

The reflection in the mirror asks me questions about my own survival! 

In this competitive world, I don’t know when I lost myself to fit in here! 

And somehow I see all those efforts going down in vain! 

Everything turns out to be dark, there is no way ahead, no direction to turn around, exactly like the end of the world where I am standing alone!


Every morning I wake up with a motive to make the day count! 

I know what I felt last night is just a reflection of negativity! 

I know I have enough reasons to be happy!

I realise I am strong enough to come out of that darkness!  

Yes, every evening, as the sun sets down, it does feel like a dark hole.

Yet, I can still feel the rays of hope

Those rays of hope are nothing but the dreams I am willing to complete! 

This is not a struggle of survival but a fight for the dreams I want to live. 

The path is unclear, the future is uncertain but my goals are crystal clear!

It is hard to accept few and sudden changes but the evolution is necessary! 

This evolution is teaching me to be strong.

These days are going to help me understand the importance of success!

So, I know it is not “THE END” of my dreams it is the beginning of my beautiful life!

Cinecraft Tips

Tips to perform a monologue

What is a monologue? 

Monologue definition 

A monologue is represented in theatre as well as in literature. In literature, a monologue is represented in the form of poems and in theatre a monologue is a solitary act. In this article, you will learn about a monologue in the theatre. 

In a theatre monologue, an actor presents a single character, most often expressing his or her thoughts to the audience. 

Types of a monologue 

Though, the definition of a monologue is very simple, “speaking alone”, it has various types, depending upon the expressing ways of a monologuist. Following are the types of monologue:- 

Soliloquy:- The most famous example of soliloquy would be the dramas written by Shakespeare where a monologuist gives a speech to himself, assuming there is no one listening to him or her, where the audience will actually be present. In this type of monologue,  a monologuist vocalizes his inner thoughts out loud.  

Dramatic Monologue:- Unlike soliloquy act in a dramatic monologue audience is considered by a monologuist. In this type, a speech is directly given to the audience. One of the most common examples of a dramatic monologue is the monologues performed in TV, theatres and films. 

Internal Monologue:- Internal monologue is often seen in literature as a monologuist expresses his inner thoughts to readers. When the internal type of monologue is represented in the theatre audience witness the character’s thoughts. In TV and films, the monologues are usually spoken by a character behind the screen, the audience being able to hear his or her thoughts. 

After knowing enough information about a monologue let us study a few tips for presenting a monologue. 

  1. Selection of a monologue!

A monologuist has to express his thoughts to the audience so selecting a monologue is the most important factor. Choose a monologue which can help you give various expressions along with multiple tones. If you get a chance to choose a monologue in your audition, then you just had a blast in your auditions. Don’t let this opportunity go in vain by choosing a subtle or a simple monologue. 

      2. Convey the monologue!

As you are the only person standing to convey your thoughts to the audience, you need to convey your thoughts and emotions. Varying your tone, body language and expressions according to the content of monologue can help you to convey your monologue to the audience. 

3. Memorize! 

You should know your monologue without any doubt. Only understanding the monologue is not enough, knowing and remembering the monologue makes you look perfect. Memorizing the monologue is the tip of an iceberg which will ease your stress when you go to the platform. Read your monologue continuously along with expressions, record your voice and listen to it on loop. And you are ready with your monologue performance. 

4. Record your monologue while practising!

In this world of technology, mobile phones, camera are our best friends. Make sure you use these best friends very well for your improvement. Record your monologue every time you practice. Note down the changes and work according to that then you are all set to go! 

5. Remember your goal and focus on the character!

When you are performing a monologue you depict the character to the audience. Make sure you are expressing the correct character with the desired message. Always keep the motto of a monologue in mind. Do not deviate from your character as it engages the audience most! 

6. Work on your appearance!

Always remember the first impression is always the last impression. Your costume plays a vital role in front of the audience. Your costume describes your character very well. Choose your costume and appearance very carefully. 

Yes, we are almost done with the tips for performing a monologue! 

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Nothing could change those devastating thoughts in her mind.

She was afraid to come out of her zone, I doubt if it was a comfort zone.

She stared at wall, she observed the fan rotation while she listened clock ticking as if it was a warning.

She was surrounded by people but what she heard was the voice in her head.

Her heart was heavy with some baggage, pressure, failure, stress and all the possible negative energy!

Every passing day would bring her down, every passing moment would feel like a moment in an exam hall.

With every inhaling breath she would find reasons to pull herself up.

She knew her strength, she knew her weakness too.

She was aware about her “Vulnerable” moments, what she did not know was how to overcome them.

One fine day, she made a tight fist, threw everything away, pulled her hair, scratched all over cheeks, screamed and screamed till she broke into tears.


She opened her eyes in her bed, she found hard to wake up and sit, her body was shivering, tears rolling down cheeks, she felt her palms burning red.

Those wails seemed so real, but was that just a scary dream? This question and that “Dream” haunted enough to not to let her sleep again.

She knew, opening up about it would make her look weak, which she was not.

She did not need sympathy-empathy, she did not ask anyone to understand, she did not seek for a hand to hold her, she did not wish for a shoulder.

She was wishing to be herself with a million dollar smile on her face.

For that, she had to put herself as top priority, she had to come out of the closet and live the life she deserved!

Well, she did!

She did everything to rise once again! She stood up and believed in her dreams and in her actions! She used challenges to be strong and to get closer to her dream!

Support, empathy, hand and shoulder meant nothing until she became strong!

All she had to do was to believe in herself!


Mistakes – Do, Accept, Learn and Move On

Why is it so hard to let people go?

Why is it difficult to leave everything and concentrate on present? Somewhere I read that, “Be with people who make you feel best about yourself and always come with positivity”.

But, what if the same people bring sadness in your life?

What if your actions are responsible for their behaviour?

Strange! Isn’t it?

We do thousands of mistakes in life. Some affect us, some effect people surrounding us. Consequences of some mistakes extends to such level where, they change us as well as people around us. Accepting those mistakes, apologizing for those mistakes is one good thing we can do but facing the consequences is the whole another thing. In this whole facing scenario we might start feeling worse about ourselves and end up hating too. But the fact of mistakes will never change. Things become very hard when we see people moving on with their lives when we sit there at the same place revolving around our own mistakes. It is hard to be alone, suddenly, after being surrounded by many people.

Everyone needs time to get over their mistakes. We might overcome those mistakes but the world will never. There might be comments for everything we do based on the mistakes in the past. And then there is this feeling, no matter what, the past is never going to stop haunting. We might not think about our mistakes for some time or even forever but this world will never stop criticizing us.

So what should we do?

Is it possible to stop making mistakes? No, mistakes are significant part of life. It depends on us if we want to accept the mistake and move on with or just to hang in there with regrets. Here is the twist and well known fact, “It all depends on us whether we want to take those situations as a source of strength or guilt.”

No matter what we do, there will be someone person who would be hurt. But we can’t keep on thinking about them, can we? Few might understand and some not but what important is living your dreams, following your heart, forgiving yourself and loving yourself. The bravery of a person lies in accepting mistakes, learning from them and to let them go. Stand for your happiness by being less selfish because everyone deserves the best! This way the world would be able to come out jealousy, anger and all the agony that keeps humankind away from the real and the purest purpose of life.  


This time it’s different!




Some relations and bonds are beyond explanations. Such bond can be with anyone, human or an animal or anything irrespective of its gender, colour, or type. Great is the person who gave a name to such incredible relation as “FRIENDSHIP”. I take this Friendship day as an opportunity to dedicate a blog to all the friends, Best Friends and soulmate who are miles away from me. Friendship is not about how many friendship bands appear on wrist or what expensive gifts one gets from friends, but rather it is a feeling, a combination of maturity and immaturity at the same time.
It is a love that every lover is jealous of!. Time spent with friends become memories and many times those same memories give a reason to smile and to live. The distance may grow but the friendship remains the same.
Friendship is the first relation after the relation with family and the same friendship grows so strong that the friend becomes family. At every stage of life the shape of friendship might change but the constant care never differs. Do you remember, the early stage friendship used to be about sharing tiffin boxes in school or using each other’s stationary? And as we grow up those friends become our family members. From sharing tiffin box, pens and pencils till sharing deep and dark secrets life changes but the friendship never.
The best part about friendship is friends are never replaced no matter what. People add up in life, new people become new friends but the older ones are always the golden ones. Misunderstandings, fights, attitude issues, jealousy, these things happen in every relation but friendship is the one which sustains through all these phases and grows over time.
Friends are the ones, no one can survive without. They are the reliable shoulders to cry, they have the capability to understand us, they are the ones who play roles of mother, father, sister, brother and all the other parts as per the need and the situation, and they are the trustworthy ones to hold upon every time. Friends are the ultimate examples of sacrifices because they know us better than anyone else in this world.
They know when to hold our hands and when to let us go. They are the best part of life anyone can ever get. As the famous saying goes, the richness of a person is defined with the amount of real friends he has in this fake world. Live this life with the treasure of happiness and love with friends and, family. Enjoy every moment spent with them, value those people and value your time with them.

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The true Soulmate!

Why is it so hard to let people go?
Why is so much difficult to leave everything and concentrate on present?
Today I read a post which said,

“Be with people who make you feel best about yourself and always come with positivity”.

But, what if the same people bring sadness in your life?
Strange! Isnt it?
We do thousands of mistakes in life. Some affect us, some effect people surrounding us. Consequences of some mistakes extends to such level where, consequences changes our as well as people surrounding us. Accepting those mistakes, apologizing for those mistakes is one good thing we can do but facing the consequences is the whole another thing. In this whole facing scenario we might start feeling worse about ourselves and end up with hating ourselves. But the fact of mistakes will never change.
I understand things become very hard when people around us are moving on with their lives and we just sit there at the same place revolving around our own mistakes. I understand it is hard to be alone suddenly after being surrounded by many people. But it all depends on us, whether we want to take those situations as a source of strength or guilt.
Everyone needs time to get over their mistakes. We might overcome those mistakes but the world will never. We might start getting comments on our present work and relationships based on the mistakes. Then there is feeling, no matter what the past is never going to stop haunting. We might not think about our mistakes for some time or even forever but this world will never stop criticizing us.
So what should we do?
Is it possible to stop making mistakes?
Mistakes are significant part of life so it depends on us if we want to accept the mistake and to move on with learnings or just to hang in there with regrets.
Now coming to the part of “Hurting people”,
It is not easy to leave people with whom we share bonds, irrespective of the pain and hurt. Because we care about them. We put all the efforts to make things all right but one mistake or number of mistakes together changes everything. People surrounding us might or might not understand us or vice versa. But, we should be strong enough to stand for ourselves, to love ourselves. We should be brave enough to let go the mistakes because everyone of us deserves to become the best. Fight for happiness we deserve until it hurts someone and be the one true soulmate for ourselves.


Happy Mothers Day!

Since last 20 years, I have come across millions of women. We all have been listening to billions of stories inspiring womanhood or stories which teach a lesson for a lifetime. Today I am not going to write about famous and respected women but respected and who have directly touched my soul.
The first lady who tops this list is none other than the person I carry my heart with. She has taught me to be strong and independent enough to make decisions. She has made me realise my responsibilities towards family, society and not to forget, towards my career and life. She is the reason behind me carrying my heart on my sleeves. My mother, she has brought up me and my sister not less than boys. She is the lady of my house who has been supporting my dad and the small but sweet empire of us. Today I am working on my dreams because she made me realize the importance of independent life. I am dreaming my successful life because she gave me eyesight to see the bright future. Thank you, mummy! I don’t say this more often but I love you. I am sorry for hurting you many times but I thank you for everything.
Ever heard this term, “Maasi maa saman hoti hai?”
I have not just heard it but experienced it. I am staying in a hostel and my aunt’s house is in the same city. She is my guardian since last four years and I have never felt the partiality towards her daughter and me. She got married at an early age of around 10 years. The second name of her life can be told as a struggle. Her struggle started right after marriage and she took care of her sister in law’s children in Dharwad then she shifted to Bangalore and took care of her brother in law’s children. And then shifted to Belagavi for a settled life. After many years of marriage, she was not blessed with a child. After lots of medicines and worships, they were blessed with a girl child. Everyone thought that will be a full stop for her struggle but that was acceptable by nature. She raised the child alone after the death of her husband. It has been 15 years she has raised a beautiful and strong daughter. Society looks at her as a middle-aged, uneducated widow but in actual she is a young, wise, strongest independent woman. She is simple, down to earth, strong, independent woman and a mother. Thank you, aunty!
The second person on this list is a reason I am able to work on dreams my mother has shown me. I still remember the first I met her. She came on a bike to my school when I was in 4th std. Tall, beautiful and attractive and glowing eyes made her my favourite person at that instant itself. She taught me only for a year but the bond we share together is not less than a mother and daughter. I was lucky enough to get her in my early age. She moulded me into a sculpture and allowed me to enter the further world. She is the best mom for her both daughters. She is the best and the strongest women I have ever met. Thank you Nalawade Madam for guiding me as a teacher and treating me as your own daughter.
The next lady has given me the best gift of my life, my soul mate, Kalyani! Her mom, Mrs Manisha Ambupe comes from a village background and luckily from the same place I come from. Despite all odds in her life, she is strong enough to handle every situation. She is not only a great mother but also a daughter any parents would wish for. Her achievements can’t be counted on fingers. She is the first woman to fly from my village. With all the success in her life, something makes her different than any other lady. And that is nothing but her simplicity and down to earth nature. Thank you Kaku for inspiring me and gifting me an idiotic person in my life!!
The next person has also gifted me a diamond. I have met her hardly 5 to 6 times but every time my best friend speaks about her feels like I am listening to stories. Her struggles are infinite and still the way she stands today is what a girl or any woman should take from her. She has brought up two sons on her own and her efforts are not wasted. She has turned two boys into gentlemen. She is always strict but she being strict has made his home a beautiful world. One more person to inspire and to look for to become strong is his mom. Thank you, aunty!!
I have very less experience with this woman but the way I see Varadh now, I am damn sure she has made a hell out of efforts. First thing I want to say Mrs Lakshmi Kulkarni is, “Thank you” for raising Varadh into a fine gentleman. She is the coolest mother I have ever met. She knows the time to be strong on her children and I guess that has made her the queen of the “Kulkarni kingdom”! How much ever I have heard about her, I have become a fan of her caring heart and the coolest attitude she carries on her sleeves. I am also a fan of her cooking! Thank you, aunty!!!
All mothers are the best, some of them does not get to share a motherhood but the Mother Nature in her is no less. There are many women I have met and has made a great impact on my life. Every one of them is a mother and has treated me as their own child. Mrs Deepali Parale, Mrs Preeti Lavande, Mrs Usha Alat, Mrs Sujata Survey are some of more names I will never forget in my life. This blog is just a small gesture of thank you to all the mothers out there.



Various Names, One Emotion!

Amma, aai, mom, Mumma, mummy so many words but only one meaning “GOD.”

Comparing her with god won’t be an exaggeration. A dad feels the responsibility once the child holds his finger but the feeling of being mother starts when she gets pregnant. She carries a life inside her for nine months. That’s the time she starts protecting her child. A mother is an eye for a child growing inside her. As soon as she gets the news, there is a beginning of her new life. She starts preparing for the child’s life. She doesn’t want anything but the child to be safe and happy. Doesn’t matter how many hard situations she has to go her first priority is always her child. For every mother her every child is same doesn’t matter if the child is “HE” or “SHE”.

They say no pain is worse than a heartbreak. Let me remind you something, a human body can bear the pain of 45 dels of pain but a mother bears the pain of 57 dels of pain which is equal to breaking of 20 bones at a time. That’s not the only pain she has to carry, but that’s the beginning of every new thing of her life. Though the birth of a child is the happiest thing in her life she makes herself prepared for the next sacrifices. If the child does something wrong the blame is on mother. If a child fails in something mother shares 50% of the failure. Tears in her child’s eyes are the biggest pain for her more than breaking of 20 bones. As the child grows the child stops showing how much she means in child’s life. But she doesn’t complain at all. Because she understands her child. She knows one day the bird has to leave the nest. She takes care of the wing. She makes sure that the bird has strong enough wings to fly at higher altitude. If the child gets weak she is always there to support.

Doesn’t matter if the mother is working woman, single mother or a housewife her best friend is no one else but her child. She shares a single moment of her happiness with her child. She avoids sharing her pain at the same she always gives the realization about the real-life situation to her child to make life better. A solution to every pain is mother, multiplication factor of every happiness is a mother. For every mother seeing her child in the topmost position of life is the proudest moment. A mother is a mother, she doesn’t have partiality factor in her. Even if the child isn’t her own she always has the soft corner for the children around her. She is the best gift anyone can ever get.

I have a humble request for every reader please pass on this message to every person possible. If a mother can bear pain equal to 20 breaking bones at a time, if she can risk her life for yours then why can’t we face the problem with her support? No pain of our problems is near to her pain. She almost dies while giving birth to her child. Any child in the world doesn’t have right to end his or her life. You have a mother you are lucky. There are people who are deprived of mother’s touch. Nothing is kind than a mother’s heart. She sacrifices her dreams so that you can follow yours. She avoids all the expensive jewellery and designer clothes so that you can have a standard life. And even if you throw out her from her own house she doesn’t complain but prays to the god that you will lead happy and successful life.

A mother can see darkness in her child’s heart. She can see the pain in his eyes. Things which world can’t see or things which you can’t share, she has the vision to see them. She is nothing else but “THE GOD”. 26 alphabets can’t describe her. I know it is not fair to tell I love you mom and expressing feelings towards her only on one day. Some children can’t meet their moms every day. Many can’t spend time because of their busy schedule but mother’s day is an occasion to overcome all the spaces between child and a mother. So on the occasion of mother’s day, I want to tell every mom in the world that we all love you.